Artists Profile


Karina Hittle, founder of the design studio Artful Offerings™, is an award winning artist, pattern designer and author. Her work is increasingly recognized by the quilting and crafting communities, internationally-recognized pattern publishing companies, and by the editors of the industry's top publications.


Raised in an Air Force family, which moved frequently due to her father's work as a communications and radar officer, Karina's parents liked to travel and some of her earliest memories of growing up include traveling nationally and internationally.  The frequent moves, coupled with regional camping trips to explore different countries, provided her with tremendous exposure to a diverse group of cultures and environments.


These life experiences and suroundings are the root of inspiration for her.  For Karina, something as little as a word, a hymn, a poem, a phrase or a thought that seems to drop out of the clear blue sky, can literally send her mind racing with a thousand ideas.


At about the time Karina, and her husband Audie, were starting Artful Offerings, they attended a business seminar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management.  They took to heart the words of guest speaker Joe Pine, an internationally recognized author and inspirational speaker, when he spoke about "The Experience Economy."  Karina says that Joe's talk resonated with her, and his presentation helped her solidify the focus of Artful Offerings, which is to "create a memorable experience from the first moment an individual sees one of her designs, through the entire creative process."  


As a result, Karina's business goal is focused on creating an artful experience for her customers -- one which evokes an element of excitement and surprise.  Her patterns are designed to be user-friendly and easy to follow, so as to enhance understanding and overall gratification.  


The Artful Offerings vision is to build a company where each customer is treated the way Karina and Audie like to be treated and to create an environment where Artful Offerings' customers and key stake holders can dream big, work hard, get it done, have fund, and make a positive memorable experience for everyone.


Looking ahead, Karina hopes and plans are to continue to be blessed with new ideas so she can grow the fabric arts design business, graphic arts, and book/pattern publishing business with continually fresh and exciting products.  We hope you enjoy learning more about Karina and viewing her designs.  Enjoy!