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Karina Hittle

Artist, Designer, Owner

Email: karina@artfulofferings.com

Picture of Audie holding Karina

Audie Hittle

Business Manager and Muse

Email:  audie@artfulofferings.com


Hey, did you know...Karina & Audie, are high school sweethearts and best friends! They live and work in the home they designed which is surrounded by breathtaking woodlands located in Northeastern Massachusetts. By designing their home, they were able to implement their unique interior decorating and design ideas. As graphic art designers, Karina and Audie design all of the creative Artful Offerings ads that appear in your favorite magazines! Together they also designed and built the Artful Offerings web site. Thank you so much for visiting Artful Offerings. We hope you have the best time creating your purses, art quilts, pillows and punchneedle designs using our patterns. Take good care and please visit us again soon!